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November Is Here

With October coming to an end, comes a new month. To celebrate the month of November, let’s start it off with a promotion crafted for you!

Basin Cabinet Set (Comes with Mirror, Glass Shelf, Basin Cabinet, Marble Top, Table top Basin)


Mirror – 500 x 650mm

Glass Shelf – 500 x 40mm

Solid Top Surface – 660 x 490 x 20mm

Basin Cabinet – 620 x 520 x 470mm

Top Mount Basin – 490 x 355 x 130mm

After running a poll, YOU decided for a promotion on Basin Cabinet! After talks with the suppliers, we are able to get you this promotion only at $649 for this month!

For the people who are worried about us not having a tap inside the promotion! Fret’ NOT! We will install the faucets you have for FREE! If you do not have a suitable tap, you can look at the three taps our designers thought would fit the basin cabinet!


With a selection of cold and mixer taps, and at different price range. DON’T SAY WE BOJIO! Check out our Carousell for even more options for taps. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! We are going to introduce Flash Sales starting December on our Facebook, and we KNOW you do not want to miss out on that. If you think we are done giving value to our customers, CLEARLY YOU DON’T KNOW US WELL! We will be doing a giveaway at the end of the year. So follow and like our Facebook to make sure you are kept updated with us!


Let’s kick this month off on a happy note! Happy November!

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Monthly Promotion

As a good part of our audience already know about it, for the month of October, there is an ongoing promotion for a toilet bowl inclusive of installation, dismantle and disposal of the old toilet bowl. As shown below,TiaraG.ferrett2.jpg

As a movement to bring more traction to our online presence, we are also on multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Carousell. Ultimately, we are trying to bring more traffic to any of these platforms, as we found a lot more attention being brought towards these platforms as compared to word of mouth.

With a bigger audience focused on our brand, we are also focused on bringing more value to all of our customers, hence we are currently running a poll to get feedback from our customers.

But only for the people who seen our website, here is a little sneak peek of what you will get for the month of November. Just head over here, and you can do your part to get a promotion crafted for you. We are currently in discussion with our suppliers to make it happen for you!

October has been great so far! Let’s make November a blast. Drop us a message via any of the above fore-mentioned platforms or give us a call at 9818 8080 if you need anything! Similarly, you can drop your contact details below and we can get back to you! And as always, it has been a pleasure serving you.

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I am here to greet you, readers, as I am back here again writing a post for the people who are thinking about doing their home renovation during this period of time. To be honest, as I am writing this post, we are still in the midst of the horrible pandemic, however as someone part of the industry, business is BOOMING.

As much as others would like to assume that business have been bad for the economy, especially during this pandemic, people are STAYING HOME.

I have been working multiple projects during this pandemic, right after the lockdown, chances are the people reading this are also stuck at home during this pandemic and thinking about their NEXT RENOVATION.

I spoke to so many clients about the things they should be looking out for, what they should decide before engaging an interior designer, a contractor or Uncle Ben that know how to build a shelf from IKEA. What I do to stand out among the rest, is how I spot problems that simply makes my client bleed money, but my clients will not even know about it as it is simply marketed as a selling point in other pitches.


I cannot stress this enough to all my clients again and again, as people always fail to plan where they intend to have their lighting points.
Be it HDBs or condominiums, we are still looking at set places for where you would want to install that beautiful chandelier we know you will throw out next year, or that mood light you bought from Taobao. As long as you are able to plan for these spaces before the next person come in, chances are, everything can be done a lot more beautifully as compared to us coming in the last minute to move the lighting point to the left by a few inches.

Power points. More NO LESS. This is actually a huge point for my clients, whenever I do a presentation for my clients for the things that needs to be done in their houses. You may have just bought this resale flat, or it may be a brand new BTO. If you are living in the house, and you intend to be living in the house for a long period of time, I strongly encourage you to please have your contractor install more power points in the house, and I don’t mean make your house into a switches showroom, but plan for the amount of power points you will need in your house.

For example, my computer set up at home requires at least 4 double power points, as I am not the biggest fan of an extension cord, I still have one for my miscellaneous items by my table side. In my room alone, I have about 8 double power points, which some might think it’s a little overboard, but I feel it is required, although you are looking to incur a lot of additional costs but trust me, after living in that house for 3 years, your future self will thank your present self for making this decision.


Personally, I feel this is something all of you WILL have to do at some point in your house. And before y’all IKEA enthusiasts come telling me about how awesome your cheap wardrobes have lasted you the past 5 years, I feel there will ALWAYS be a value in making your own carpentry, such as your kitchen cabinet and your wardrobes. Not only are you getting way better quality materials (but don’t fake fake, cut costs with your contractor then complain why everything not good lah), you are also getting EXACTLY what you want for the internal compartments. As compared to those, mass produced IKEA wardrobes that was designed in 2015, which honestly isn’t even that much cheaper when you really pen down the details, you are getting way more value in making your own wardrobe.

BUT! Don’t say I ask y’all pay more money so contractors like myself can earn more okay. For clients who intend to stay in the house for 5 years or so, or intend to do a simple renovation to rent out to their tenants, or even if you are a minimalist who really only needs some shelves and some hooks to be satisfied, DO NOT FABRICATE YOUR CARPENTRY WORKS. IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY. 


Okay, this is quite debateable in my eyes, because a lot of you, and I mean, A LOT of you do not like window grilles because of the aesthetics, and it bring forth a very HDB kinda feels, I get it.


If you do have kids under the age of 10, and or have regular kids under the age of 10 coming over to your house, you should definitely put more thought into having that window protection, so be it window grilles, invisible grilles for those who like it plain, or even window restrictor(locks).

Also, you might want to take into account of how much your windows are protruding because a lot of my clients usually remove their grilles after their kids get older and such. So you should also consider how your house will look without the grilles.


If any of you who are reading this is on a BUDGET while renovating your house, be it a resales HDB or a 12 years old condominum, you can choose to omit a lot of items to be done in the house, but painting should never be one of the items. You can get your contractor, or Uncle Rick from across the street to help you paint, but you should not omit painting when you move into the new house.


Painting a house with a fresh new coat of paint, in the colors of your choice, is easily one of the most recognizable effect that you will see in your house, as compared to installing a basin tap in the toilet or fixing up a door in the door.

I have a lot of clients who were working with a budget, and they normally have me do an on-site visit, and I can tell you, almost half the time, actually no, 90% of the time I would reccommend doing a paint job.

It’s not because your current white is ugly, or because the previous owner did a bad job with the color combination. But it is because a paint job that was done years ago used by another owner will definitely go through wear and tear, and let’s not forget those marks you see on the wall after a few years, or that water stain on the ceiling in your bathroom that you have been looking at when you take a dump in the toilet.

Painting is probably the only inexpensive work job that gives you the most impactful results after the house is done, so I implore you new house owners to really consider doing this paint job when you get your house, and also who doesn’t want to let that little artist in you come out, and play with the color combination to your desire?


Hope those pointers will help you with your new house, and there will be other things to look out for, but if I have a feeling half of y’all fell asleep half way through. So I will wrap it up here, if you do want be more informed about your upcoming renovation, just find your interior designers, contractors or even Santa for help, if you enjoy these written posts, please feel free to drop me a message to let me know or even comment on this post itself.

I am also proud to announce that my own house will begin the demolition process in early January, and I was thinking about doing a video format of what will happen during the procedure of the renovation, do let me know if you are interested, and maybe I will drop my YouTube link in the next post. But that will be all for me, if you do have any burning questions that needs to be put out, drop me a message at 9818 8080 or DM us on Facebook and Instagram directly. I am always looking. Merry Christmas and have an amazing holidays you guys!

See you next time!

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We are updating this page, as everyone who are aware of it, the current crisis has paused our operation for the time being. Although our stores are not operating during this period of time, we are still operating online, hoping to reach our clients and future clients.

We recieved a few calls and email regarding the operating hours during the current circuit breaker period. We did approach some clients for plumbing services that they needed in a day’s notice, however we would like to ensure that our clients are well protected during this period of time, also for our employees.

If anyone do require any help during this period of time, feel free to drop us an email or give us a call at 9818 8080, and we might be able to assist you as much as we can.

We hope everyone does their due diligience by staying home, and for essential workers to please take good care of yourselves, and we would like to thank them for sacrifising themselves for the nation.

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Converting from Squatting to Sitting?

When we tell our clients how we were able to convert their squatting pan to a sitting toilet bowl, WITHOUT HACKING, a lot of them were shocked, not at the fact that no hacking is required but the price is almost five times cheaper than if you hack.


And best of all, it is all done in less than 2 hours. If you want more information, drop us a DM on facebook or even just call us at 9818 8080.