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I love the new look of my house! But…

Aesthetics vs Practicality


Are you a home owner or a future home owner who is looking into doing a small makeover for your house? Maybe this might help you a little when it comes to some decision making along the way.


When you and your family are considering renovating or just doing a casual makeover for your house, someone probably stumbled across some fresh and new interior design and think it is very feasible for your house, but is it?


Our company have gone through over hundreds of fancy interior designs and among them, we found almost all of them having flaws in terms of practicality.

What we realized about the fancy interior designs that actually have such a positive impact on the viewers, is actually the color scheme and placement.

With the current wave of trend being matte black color scheme, you can see a lot of house repping the beautiful matte black walls with dark red furniture to producing the eclectic ambience. Or how about a Scandinavian style design where the walls are mostly flat white, with a feature wall of flushed bricks to go along the full height windows. Maybe, even a monochrome style interior design that brings out the perfect black to white ratio in your house.


However, to fit in with the more modernized interior fashion walkway on the magazine, they would use horribly mis-fitting laminated floorings in a bathroom, just cause. Or how they would have an open concept wardrobe right beside the windows. And maybe even having only one light for the whole living room because it is stylish.

Of course, we are not implying that having an old-fashioned wooden piece of wood for a chair is the way to go, or having seven fans in your house so you have plenty of ventilation.

By no means are we criticizing creativity being bad for the house, but we hope future home owners would actually take a look at the importance of practicality as we are hoping YOU would be staying in that house for a long time.

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We want you to have your decision maker sharpened before going into any interior design studio to have your house designed in a manner where you will regret it half a decade from then.

A beautiful home is great, a comfortable one is better.

If you have any questions you want to ask regarding your current renovation work, or even if you think the few quotations you have on hand is not clear to you, let us know and we can try to clarify it for you! You can reach us at our Facebook page or just drop us a text, Whatsapp or Telegram at 9818 8080.

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