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‘Did you know this about your HIP?’

If you received a letter regarding a House Improvement Programme, sit in and read on.

Steps to follow for this 10-Days-Project

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The essential improvements that will be done by the government will be as follow,

These compulsory improvements are considered necessary for public health, safety, and for technical reasons. They include:

  • Repair spalling concrete/ structural cracks
  • Replace waste / soil discharge stacks*
  • Replace pipe sockets with new clothes drying rack
  • Upgrade electrical load

*The pipes will only be changed if they are cast iron/ mixture of cast iron and UPVC/ UPVC if there are leaks and cracks – as stated in brochures.

But that is not why you are reading this. You are reading this for the value in the following,

Optional Improvements

You may choose any of the improvements below and pay for only your share of the improvement works carried out in your flat.

  • Package to upgrade existing toilet(s)/ bathroom(s)
  • New decorative door
  • New metal grille gate
  • New refuse chute hopper

If you decide to opt out of the optional toilet upgrading, your toilets must pass a water test for leaks to prevent ceiling leaks in the flat below.

This is the time to upgrade that 30-years-old bathroom.


In the 10 days, did you know,

  • How do you know you are entitled to getting your house under the project “HIP”?
    • HIP will only proceed when at least 75% of a block’s eligible Singapore Citizen households have voted in favour of the HIP. Singapore Permanent Resident households are not eligible to poll.
      • After which, there will be a meeting for all the blocks that are affected.


  • How much will it costs?
    • Flat Type 1/ 2/ 3-Room 4-Room 5-Room Executive
      Cost-sharing ratio 5% 7.5% 10% 12.5%
      Amount payable* $630 $945 $1,260 $1,575


  • All the fittings you want to install will be free (Usually up to $250 for all the installation of your fittings)
    • Why?
      • HIP workers will do it for you as long as you get it by the 8th day.


  • You can ask for a curb to be done (Usually up to $300 if you were to hire contractors)
    • Why would I want a curb?
      • For any possibility of fabricating a shower screen in the future, a curb will be needed to install, so why not get it for free now?
        • Even if you were to play out the scenario where you will not install a shower screen, it is better to separate the wet area and the dry area.


  • You are obliged to have everything you had previously reinstalled in working condition after the project.
    • If I were to buy new fittings, can I have them install it?
      • Yes, yes, yes and yes. Get everything you need and have them to install it for you, do NOT miss this chance to change to your desired fittings in this period of time.


  • What if I do not want any renovation to be done?
    • As long as you pass your water test and it is confirmed that the unit below is do not have any leakage during the water test, you are allowed to not have the renovation work.
      • However if you do intend to do renovation, but want to maximise this opportunity,
        • Ask for the officer to do the waterproofing and water test, once the water test is done, have them hand over the house back to you, and you can hire your own contractors to create the bathroom that you desire.
          • This way, when you hire your own contractors to renovate your bathroom, you have almost half of the cost covered due to the hacking and waterproofing completed before starting work.


We hope that reading this article will make your upcoming HIP a smooth one. Please share this article with your friends who are under-going HIP if they need any help, feel free to drop us a text at 9818 8080 or even visit us on Facebook or drop by our showroom at 101 Kitchener Road Jalan Besar Plaza #01-34 and #01-22 Singapore 208511.



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  1. My flat was 100% renovated in Nov 2011. I bought it preowned. The kitchen ceiling is spalling and some cracks due to water from level 13. My flat at level 12. Please advise. Thank you. From Mr Chew

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