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Let’s Talk

First of all, thank you to all of you who have shown us support for the past few days, we are really grateful. Lately, we have been swamped with clients doing renovation as everyone wishes to spend a lovely Christmas in their newly renovated house. We are currently working on a project to show you how we are doing the renovations for our customers.


Secondly, we would like to extend our apologies to our clients due to our monthly promotion pause. If you know us well enough, you know we intend to deliver value to you all. We are currently still in the middle of finding an item that clients need, so if you want to make it easier for all of us, give us your feedback below, and we will discuss with our suppliers again.

Lastly, we intend to do more value added articles for you, so if anyone is interested in any topics and need our expertise for it, drop us a comment below and let us know what you want to know more about, and we will deliver a detailed article for you. Such as our Heater Talk and Fan Talk, we intend to bring more of these content to our clients to make sure they are making rational decisions when they are building their dream home.


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