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Heater Talks

When you are looking into changing your heater at home, there are some things you might want to take note of,

  • Is it a brand-new heater or a replacement unit?
    • If it is a brand-new unit, you will need a power socket near your toilet for your installer to rewire the pipes to your heater. There will be a charge for your installer to pull the pipes to your heater, the further away the power socket is from the heater, the higher the costs.
    • If it is a replacement unit, you will need to make sure the current heater you are using and the new unit you want to install, have similar pipe configuration, as heaters have different outlet, if your current heater has the pipe outlets on the side, and the new heater has the pipe outlets below, your installer will need to reconfigure the piping.


  • What is the current volume of your heater?
    • If you are looking into changing your tank heater, you will need to inform your installer your current heater’s volume as different volume heaters have different pipes. It is important to mention it to your installer.


  • Tank VS Instant
    • Tank
      • With more demand for hot water, it would be better to get a tank heater. As it boils the whole tank at once, as compared to instant heater, it allows for more hot water to boil at one point.
      • With more water, it will allow the support of a rain shower system, as it takes a huge water supply to support the constant stream.
      • Can choose to hide the heater above your false ceiling, to make the toilet look slightly better without a tank sticking out.
    • Instant
      • As compared to the tank heater, the instant heater heats the water faster than the tank heater.
      • Space-wise, the instant heater takes up a lot less space as compared to a tank heater.


  • When should I change my heater?
    • For instant heater, the average lifespan is around 6 to 8 years, depending on the level of maintenance put into it.
      • Newer and better instant heaters are created every 5 to 6 years, so it would be wise to change around that period of time.
    • For tank heater, the average lifespan is around 10 to 12 years, depending on the level of maintenance put into it.
      • Tank heaters do not usually have new functions as new models are released, only different design.


The above fore-mentioned are the considerations you should have when you are getting a heater. Always stay mindful with your purchases and stay safe online. If you need anything else, feel free to give me a call at 9818 8080. Or head to any of our social platform to connect with us.

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