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Monthly Promotion

As a good part of our audience already know about it, for the month of October, there is an ongoing promotion for a toilet bowl inclusive of installation, dismantle and disposal of the old toilet bowl. As shown below,TiaraG.ferrett2.jpg

As a movement to bring more traction to our online presence, we are also on multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Carousell. Ultimately, we are trying to bring more traffic to any of these platforms, as we found a lot more attention being brought towards these platforms as compared to word of mouth.

With a bigger audience focused on our brand, we are also focused on bringing more value to all of our customers, hence we are currently running a poll to get feedback from our customers.

But only for the people who seen our website, here is a little sneak peek of what you will get for the month of November. Just head over here, and you can do your part to get a promotion crafted for you. We are currently in discussion with our suppliers to make it happen for you!

October has been great so far! Let’s make November a blast. Drop us a message via any of the above fore-mentioned platforms or give us a call at 9818 8080 if you need anything! Similarly, you can drop your contact details below and we can get back to you! And as always, it has been a pleasure serving you.

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